As an artist I like to experiment, explore and try various genres of photography and my work reflects the excitement, passion and creativity that I have in my profession.
I'm so cute, get me out of the cage
Holi Blast!!!
Joy of monsoon arrival
Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Here come the police!
Party time!
Desire make everything blossom, possession makes everything wither and fade
And into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my soul
Photographers are magicians too!
Insanity! Flyboard Somersault
Beware of false 2 faced people
World's Smallest Car :P
I forgot my glasses so I looked through someone else's
Nothing is impossible for photographers, they can make the water bleed
Wakhra swag ni ! All adorned in her pink and gold attire, here arrives the classy and sassy bride from the royal city of Jaipur!
Yay I can fly!!!
Balance & Symmetry
Don't make your life a barren land. Invest your time, energy and money in the right direction and cultivate the crops of happiness.
high security
He's not sleeping, he's meditating
don't mess with women
Looking out of the window would always make me realise that how trapped I am. But I often forget that even though I am gifted with the wings of life, all there's need to fly
I will guard and protect you
Fly high and touch the sky
I'm from another planet
Beast arrives!
I said STOP!
coming face to face with my inner demon
follow you own path
No one messes with me!
Someone always ruins the picture
come here Ravan!
Miniature effect
helping hand
target acquired!
triple role
balle balle!
get outta my way!